Interactive Demos

I have written some interactive demos to introduce some of the concepts associated with this course.

Simple Bode Plots - (Demo) - Bode plots are drawn by breaking down a transfer function into a gain term, real poles and zeros, and complex conjugate poles and zeros. This page describes how these simple elements can be approximated by just a few straight lines.

Convolution of Signals - (Demo) - This page allows the user to visualize the convolution process and shows how the convolution integral is calculated.

Second Order Response - (Demo) - A demo that shows how underdamped second order systems behave in the time and frequency domains, and how that is related to pole locations.

Dominant Pole Approximation - (Demo) - The dominant pole approximation can be used to approximate the behavior of a system by ignoring poles that are not important. This page shows how this works.



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