LPSA: Web Page Format and Features


Site Navigation

Navigation of the website can be done in two distinct ways.

Page Layout

Pages are laid out with several features in common.

Section Headings

Each page has a page heading (see top of page) and several "Section" headings (an example is the text "Section Headings" immediately above this text).


The next level of headings is that of "Sub-Headings."  (again, an example is the text "Sub-Headings" immediately above this text).


The last level of heading is "Sub-Sub-Headings."

Key Concepts

If there is an extremely important concept on a page, it will be offset and noted as a key concept.  If you understand the key concepts on a page, you should be able to solve problems in that subject area.

Key Concept: Pay Attention to These!

Key Concepts list the important concepts that you should take away from a section.  They are offset from the text like this box.


Example: Specific Examples of Concepts

Specific examples of the concept being discussed in a page are also offset from the text.


Aside: Interesting but not critical information

If there is interesting, but not critical, information, it will often be put in an "aside" like this one.

Background information, review..., is also put into asides.


In situations where just a short note is appropriate a link will appear like this one (note).   The link is not clickable, but if you hover your pointer above it, a short not appears.


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