LPSA: The Topic Map

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A typical view of the topic map is given below.  The chosen topic is in the center of the map and has a thick border.

Similar topics are in the same color, and the master topic has a larger font.  In this case "System Representation" is the master topic, and the other topics in green are subtopics of it.  Many of the important topics have some text at the bottom of the screen, as in this example.

If you would like to explore another topice (and make it the central topic), just click on it.  If we click on "State Space" then it becomes the central topic.

The number in the small circle shows the number of web pages associated with the topic (2 in this case).  To open one of the web pages, click on the circle,


and then select the page you are interested in.

When you have a web page open it will usually have a "Map" button on the left hand side.   If you click on the button, the topic map will open to the appropriate place.


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