Bode plot of constant Term

This page demonstrates shows how the gain term of affects a Bode plot. To run the demonstration either enter the value of K, or |K| expressed in dB, in one of the text boxes below. If you enter |K| in dB, then the sign of K is unchanged from its current value. You can also set |K| and ∠K by either clicking on the graphs or by dragging the horizontal line. The magnitude of K must be between 0.01 and 100 (-40dB and +40dB). The phase of K (∠K) can only be 0° (for a positive value of K) or ±180° (for negative K).

Note that for the case of a constant term, the approximate (magenta line) and exact (dotted black line) representations of magnitude and phase are equal.

Enter a value for gain, K:,

or enter |K| expressed in dB:dB.


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